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Start your E-Marketing Campaign with our Service and feature rich Mail Manager: 
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Our Email Manager Sends Messages and provides a easy method to maintain contacts and lists and to monitor results of your mailings. Add or edit  contacts, create new lists, import contacts to lists, import documents and view message statistics.

Send messages to a contact or a list

Schedule Message Delivery send on a specific date/time.

Custom Email Templates  - Includes custom templates that can be designed to match or be your website.

Detailed Contact Records including click histories.

mport Existing Mailing Lists from outlook, top producer and any other program that can export to a spreadsheet.

All Messages are personally address and sent directly to the contact, no cc or bcc.

Messages sent include  links bring them to pages in your website.

Website Integration  - Add the join our mailing list form  to your website where folks can enroll automatically in one or more of your lists.

Receive Email notification when someone joins a list or requests a document.

Subscriber Statistics and Search - Easily find a subscriber by name or email and view statistics such as sign-up date, click activity & pages viewed history.

utomated  unsubscribe  is included in each message sent allowing contacts to automatically unsubscribe from the list without your intervention.

Monitor your success and Generate new leads with detailed click reports.
  • How many clicks a message received.
  • What links in the message were clicked on and how many times.
  • Who in your list clicked on those links and how many times.
  • Which contacts are clicking on your messages and how many times did they click.
  • What links are being clicked on and how many times. Who is clicking on them.
  • What else did a contact click on, when and how many times.
  • Who are the most active contacts and what are they looking for.
  • What pages are customers looking at the most and who are those customers

Click Reports:

Mailings: The familiar mailing statistics has been updated to categorize clicks on webpages from clicks on properties and store property details to permit targeted mailings.

Clicks By Contact: Tells you who are the most active contacts, how many times they clicked and links to the contact record where details on what they are looking for can be found.

Clicks By URL: Shows the most active pages being visited by your contacts. And who those contacts are.

A list of 1500 contacts  can generate 500  or more visits to your website by folks  interested in your services and content. The added traffic also helps with your search engine ranking.

Our Mail Manager allows you to send targeted mailings of properties or documents making is easy to maintain that all import contact with your customers.

These new features helps you make the most of your e-marketing efforts by identifying who is clicking on what and makes it easy to create messages to reach out in a very targeted way.

Send Mailing to a Search:
This will allow you to conduct an mls property search. Select properties from the search results you want to send. It will then search the mail manager for any contacts that clicked on properties with the same criteria and send them an e-mail listing your selected properties. You can also limit the mailing to a specific email address.

Send Mailing for Selected MLS#s: Enter one or multiple MLS numbers. Conduct an mls search and find contacts that clicked on properties matching your search. It will then create and send a message listing the propertied you specified. You can also limit the mailing to a specific email address.

You Have a new listing? Enter the properties MLS# then do a search based on it's features. The Mail Manager will then go and find all contacts interested in that type of property and send them an email with information about the property along with a link back to your website to see more details.

Send a Search to a List: Conduct an mls search and select properties from the results. Select a specific mailing list. A message will be created listing those properties and send the message to all contact on the list.

Send Specific MLS# properties to a list: Enter one or more MLS#' and a mailing list. The mail manage will then compose a message listing those properties and send to everyone on the selected list.

NOTE: All mailing searches can be filtered by last click date so you can identify the most recent and relevant contacts.

IDX/MLS integrated

Special features for Realtors!
We offer a service to design messages and send them for you using your content.